All authors are expected to adhere closely to AJBR submission guidelines prior to submission. A manuscript should be between 7,000 and 8,500 words in length (including abstracts, tables and references), although manuscript exceeding 8500 words would also be considered. Unless necessary, a title of not more than ten words should be provided. Cover page should show the manuscript title, full name of all authors, affiliation, shipping ad ess and email ad ess. Authors should not be identified anywhere else in the article. First page of the manuscript should contain the manuscript title, all authors’ full names and affiliations, abstract and keywords. Abstract should be between 150-200 words in length. Authors must provide up to six keywords which encapsulate the principal topics of the manuscript. The manuscript may include the following sections:

  • 1) Introduction
  • 2) Literature Review
  • 3) Methodology
  • 4) Results
  • 5) Discussion
  • 6) Practical Implications for Asian Business

Practical Implications for Asian Business: Authors are required to provide a paragraph of implications titled, “Practical Implications for Asian Business” (500 to 650 words) explicating the research implications for business practice in the Asian context. Place this paragraph at the very end of the manuscript before the References section.

Headings must be short, clearly defined and not numbered. The use of Footnotes within the text is discouraged. All Figures (photographs, illustrations, graphs, and flowcharts) should be submitted in electronic form. Figures should be of clear quality, black and white and numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals.

Tables must be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals and a brief title. All tables and figures should be shown in the text.

References to other publications must be in Harvard style and authors must carefully check for completeness, accuracy and consistency. All author names and initials and full journal title must be included. You should cite publications in the text: (Tang, 2009) using the first named author’s name. At the end of the manuscript a reference list in alphabetical order should be supplied.

For books: surname, initials, (year), title of book in italics, publisher, place of publication, e.g. Fam, K.S. and Jozsa, L., (2009), When is a Goodbye a Good Buy, Asia Business Research Corporation Press, Wellington

For book chapters: surname, initials, (year), “chapter title”, editors’ surname, initials, title of book in italics, publisher, place of publication, pages, e.g. De Run, E., Fam, L. and Insch, A., (2009), “Sales promotion in Confucian societies” in Fam, K.S., Yang, Z. and Hyman, M. (Eds.), Confucian/Chopsticks Marketing, Asia Business Research Corporation Press, Wellington, pp. 2859.

For journals: surname, initials, (year), “title of article”, journal name in italics, volume, number, pages, e.g. Holdsworth, D., (2009), “Plants have flowers”, Journal of Plants and Flowers, vol. 56, no.2, pp. 820.

For electronic sources: if available online the full URL should be supplied at the end of the reference including the date it was extracted. Note: If an author wishes to submit a paper that has been already prepared in another style, he or she may do so. However, if the paper is accepted (with or without reviewer’s alterations), the author is fully responsible for retyping the manuscript in the correct style as indicated above. Neither the Editor nor the Publisher (ABRC Limited) is responsible for re-preparing the manuscript copy to adhere to the journal’s style.

Submission Process Flowchart

AJBR Submission Guidelines

Electronic Submissions

There is no submission and publication fee for Regular Issue. Send your paper and cover page as MS Word Attachment to the Managing Editor Lenny Yusrini at: In the subject line, please indicate that this is a submission to the Asian Journal of Business Research (AJBR). The body of the email should indicate the corresponding author and a declaration of publishing ethics. Submissions will be acknowledged via email within two weeks.

Reviewing Process

Upon submission, the editors will review each manuscript and if it is judged suitable for publication in AJBR, it will then be sent to three reviewers for double-blind peer-review, which means that both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process. To facilitate this, authors need to ensure that their manuscripts are prepared in a way that does not give away their identity. Based on the reviewers’ recommendations, the editors will then decide whether the manuscript should be accepted as is, revised or rejected. If two reviews are returned to the editors within the assigned review period and their comments are consistent, Editorial decision will be made accordingly. This is to prevent any delays or interruptions caused by the reviewers.

Final Submission of the Manuscript

Each accepted manuscript for publication must be formatted in accordance with the manuscript template below before being processed for publication. At this stage the manuscript will be considered to be the definitive version of the article. Kindly ensure that the final manuscript follows the format given here:

Specifically, it must be Single spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman font for the text.

The Page Setup should be with Margins Top and Bottom set at 1” while Left and Right at 1.25”. Gutter at 0 and Gutter position at Left. Orientation is Portrait with paper Size set at A4. Please use Justified Alignment, with both Left and Right Indentation at 0 While Spacing for Before and After also set at 0. Line spacing is set at Single.

The title is set at 16-point Times New Roman font, left-aligned, bold.

Please enter one line and then key in the author’s name at 12 point Times New Roman font. The next line is the author’s affiliation (including country) and this is set at 12 point, italic, Times New Roman font. All should be left-aligned

Please set two lines after the final author details are placed and write in the title Abstract in 14 point, centered, bold, Times New Roman font, with Spacing After set at Auto. Write in the abstract and then set one line after to write keyword (italicized).

Please use the new page to start your manuscript.

Main headings are in 14 point, centered, bold, Times New Roman font with Spacing After set at Auto.

Secondary headings are in 12 point, left-aligned, bold, Times New Roman font with Spacing After set at Auto.

Table headings are 11 point, center-aligned, Times New Roman font.

Please use Borders and Shading for Tables where the main lines are set at 1pt and secondary at 3/4pt.

The Reference heading is written as a main heading but references by themselves are written in 11 point, Times New Roman font with a single line between references.

Please ensure that you use Harvard style of referencing.

You are responsible for preparing manuscript copy which is clearly written in acceptable, scholarly English and which contains no errors of spelling, grammar, or punctuation. Neither the editor nor the publisher is responsible for correcting errors of spelling and grammar. Check your paper for the following common errors:

  • 1) dangling modifiers
  • 2) misplaced modifiers
  • 3) unclear antecedents
  • 4) incorrect or inconsistent abbreviations
Also, check the accuracy of all arithmetic calculations, statistics, numerical data, text citations, and references.

INCONSISTENCIES MUST BE AVOIDED. Be sure you are consistent in your use of abbreviations, terminology, and in citing references, from one part of your paper to another.

Once accepted for publication, the final version of the manuscript must be provided as an attached file to an email.


Submission of a manuscript to this journal represents a certification on the part of the author(s) that it is an original work, has not been published elsewhere and should not be under consideration for any other publication at the same time.

The only exception is manuscripts in conference proceedings, as long as they represent work in progress toward the manuscript submitted to AJBR. Authors infringing any existing copyright will indemnify the publisher.

For ease of dissemination and to ensure proper policing of use, all accepted manuscripts and contributions become the legal copyright of the publisher unless otherwise agreed. However, the authors are permitted to upload their manuscripts on their personal or academic websites and disseminate to individuals for non-commercial purposes. All papers are published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).
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All authors will receive one copy of the journal issue. These are sent several weeks after the journal issue is published and in circulation. An order form for the purchase of additional reprints will also be sent to all the authors at this time. (Approximately 8 weeks is necessary for the preparation of reprints).